Discover Plan Effect

PayX over the last 15 years has provided numerous customers with guidance on their Payments Infrastructure. This advice has covered all aspects of their businesses ranging from the technology required, the anticipated product roadmaps, to the service lines and business structure.
Over the last 3 years PayX consolidated this experience and developed a standard methodology which we call: PayX-DPE™ (Discovery, Plan, Effect). With PayX DPE we have been able to increase the power of our engagements with our clients by packaging our knowledge and expertise so that all stakeholders can quickly understand the challenges they face.
The PayX-Discover Workshop is the initial engagement phase of the PayX-DPE methodology. With the PayX-Discover workshop, clients gain an informed independent view of the current cards infrastructure landscape, its strengths and weaknesses and in only a day will be able to take advantage of PayX’s extensive experience for their specific challenges.
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